I think we just got bigger!

We have a new book reviewer

Gliterary Girl is a family of writers, literally. No, we aren’t actually related, but we love each other. So, when we take on a new family member, we throw a mitzvah! Well, we have a new book reviewer joining the team and she is amazing. So please help us welcome… drum roll…


Megan Profile picABOUT MEGAN

I’m a part-time working stiff and full-time nerd.  I live in the Dallas suburbs with my husband and two fur babies.  Ever since I graduated from the University of North Texas with a Masters in Sociology I have been in a love affair with my eReader.  Technology is a beautiful thing.  With the push of a button I get another book.  No time-consuming tasks like leaving the house to drive to the nearest book stores or waiting for normal business hours get in the way of sinking my teeth into the next story. Urban fantasy and paranormal romance are my particular faves.  I can also be caught overdosing on Dr. Who, Sherlock Holmes, Supernatural, and all things Joss Whedon.  I’m excited to be here at Gliterary Girl.  Let’s talk books! Let’s get our fangirl on!

writers wantedIf you are interested in becoming a reviewer for Gliterary Girl and building your writers platform, please contact us today. We can’t pay you, but we give support and a place to write without the stress.

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