Author Spotlight & Interview: Linda Poitevin

About the Author

Resident Canadian Linda Poitevin is the author of the Grigori Legacy series, which includes: Sins of the Angel, Sins of the Son, Sins of the Lost, and a short story prequel “An Archangel’s Defiance” (available to read for free on her website).

The Grigori Legacy is categorized as urban fantasy, but it has a paranormal romance feel as well. The main character Alexandra is a nephilim who has been pulled into a war between Heaven and Hell. Her soulmate Aramael is an angel with duties and obligations that make their relationship near-impossible.

Her next installment of the Grigori Legacy will be available on Wattpad.

Linda also recently re-released a romance entitled Gwynneth Ever After, originally entitled A Fairy for Gwyn.


J- Do you have any plans for a new urban fantasy series?

L- I do have a new series in mind , but it will probably be more along the lines of a paranormal romance…I think. It’s hard to tell until I start writing it, lol!

J- Will the fourth book in the Grigori Legacy series be the last?

L-Yes, Sins of the Warrior is definitely the last novel planned in this series.

J-Do you research before, during, or after the writing of a novel?

L- If I say all of the above, will you laugh at me? The truth is that I did all my research for the Grigori Legacy after I’d written the first book…which, of course, resulted in some major rewriting *sigh*. I’m trying to learn from that and get at least some of it done ahead of time for the next series. 😉

J- What did you do occupationally before committing yourself to becoming an author?

L- I’ve been doing freelance writing from home for about the last ten years, all around raising three daughters and homeschooling the youngest. Prior to having kids, I worked as a police dispatcher, real estate agent, personnel recruiter, and about a dozen other things. I must like variety or something…

J- How much editing do you do yourself?

L- I’m to the point where I can turn out a pretty clean manuscript that doesn’t need much in the way of substantive editing anymore, but I always, always go through a copyeditor for a review. It doesn’t matter how many times I go through a book, I guarantee I’ll miss things on my own!

J- Do you have formal training in creative writing?

L- No…I’ve been a learn-as-I-go writer. I’ve read several books on the craft of writing (all recommended to me by my critique partners in my earlier days of trying to get published). And I did try to take one creative writing course many years ago, but where I wanted to learn how to destroy the world more effectively, they were focused on things like describing tea cups. I didn’t bother going back for the second class. 😉

J- Do you work another job in addition to writing?

L- I’m still doing some freelance work, but I’m slowly working toward being able to support myself with my fiction. *crosses fingers*

J- Have you ever been harassed by religious groups or individuals because of your books?

L- Fortunately not. Some reviewers have used the word “blasphemy” in describing it, but in a nice way, lol. So far that’s been it.

J- I’ve seen your cat pictures. How many cats do you have? Do you have any other pets?

L- Ah, yes, my famous Itty Bitty Pretty Kitty pictures! We have two cats, but the other one is a little less interested in posing for the camera. We also have a really, really big dog (all 127 lbs of him!), a rabbit, and a bearded dragon lizard.

J- Do you have a writing routine?

L- I’ve had to adjust my routines many times around family demands and life in general, but yes. My current one involves no Internet access until I’ve written 2,000 words Monday through Friday, and frankly, it’s killing me, lol! (My name is Linda, and I am a Twitter and Facebook addict…*sigh*)

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