Anthologies: How Do You Read Them?

Discussion #12 Question: How do you read anthologies?

I have a ton of anthologies, of which I will admit I haven’t finished many. The reason for this is many of the stories contained in those anthologies aren’t standalones.

I’ve gone through the table of contents of each to figure out which stories go with series. If a story goes with a series, I want to read the books that go before it. That might not be the best approach, because of how long it will take before I can finish an anthology.

When I see reviews on Goodreads for anthologies, it makes me wonder if the people just read it from cover to cover. I feel like I would be missing out on something if I hadn’t read the accompanying series. I know I can read all the stories that are standalones, but there would still be some I wouldn’t be able to read. And I wonder if other people even bother to do like I do and look up each story to see if it is a standalone or not.

So, what do you do? Just trudge through the entire book or wait until you can read each story where it goes in a series? Do you read all the stories in each anthology or just certain ones?

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