Angelus by Sabrina Benulis ~ release day spotlight

Angelus is out today, February 9th, 2016!


Publisher: Harper Voyager

Pages: 368

Genre: Fantasy

Series: The Books of Raziel, book three


In the heart-pounding conclusion to The Books of Raziel trilogy, Angela discovers that she holds the keys to both Heaven and Hell, and that angels, demons, and all the creatures in between will stop at nothing to possess her…

The war started by three powerful angel siblings – Raziel, Lucifel, and Israfel – has divided the kingdoms of both Heaven and Hell. Now the destruction is spilling over into our world.

The last hope for a crumbling world is the Archon, also known as the human Angela Mathers. Angela alone can successfully oppose Lucifel and open Raziel’s Book for the power of good rather than evil. But to do so would mean murdering her best friend, a fact Angela refuses to face.

Now Angela sits on the throne of Hell, fulfilling a prophecy of ruin. But ruin does not always mean destruction…..sometimes it means revolution.


“Benulis brings her wildly imaginative and delightfully dark Books of Raziel trilogy to a close in this intricately plotted and action-packed story, featuring supernaturally strong angels and the lone human they seek to destroy. The scope of this story is enormous, and the tension remains at a fever pitch from the very first scene, but it is the moments of quiet that allow readers to see into these characters’ hearts and souls, making this final book utterly memorable. Ringing through each exchange is a beautiful message of friendship, love and loyalty that lingers long after the final showdown has ended.”

– RT Book Reviews on Angelus

“…filled with teetering highs and deep lows…. The richly detailed cosmology supports the characterization well.”

– Publishers Weekly on Angelus

“In the second of the Books of Raziel trilogy, Benulis shows a great deal of improvement in developing smoother pacing, spellbinding action and strong plot tension, and her unique take on religion and angels is truly innovative. With just enough left unresolved, Covenant perfectly leads into the upcoming final book of the trilogy”

— Romantic Times Magazine onCovenant

“… Benulis uses lush descriptions and larger than life characters to tell the story of a battle between Heaven and Hell…She proves herself as a force to be reckoned with… I will definitely be on the lookout for the next installment in her book of Raziel series so I can grab it up and pour over each page.”
— Suspense Magazine onArchon


Sabrina Benulis lives in the Pocono mountains of PA with her husband, daughter, and a spoiled but sweet cockatiel. When she isn’t writing or cooking up another story to tell, she’s learning to be super Mom.

Her third book in The Books of Raziel series, Angelus, is scheduled for release on February 9, 2016.


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